CS-16 - For 4mm C-slot


CS-16R, CS-16N, CS-16P


Type CS-16R CS-16N CS-16P
Wiring Method 2-Wire Type 3-Wire Type 3-Wire Type
Switching Logic SPST, Normally Open Solid State Output, Normally Open Solid State Output, Normally Open
Sensor type Reed Switch NPN Current Sinking PNP Current Sourcing
Operating Voltage 5~120V DC/AC 5~30V DC 5~30V DC
Switching Current 50mA max. 50mA max. 50mA max.
Contact Rating (NOTE 1) 6W max. 1.5W max. 1.5W max.
Current Consumption - 7mA@24V DC max. 9mA@24V DC max.
Voltage Drop 3.0 V max. 1.5V@50mA max. 1.5V@50mA max.
Leakage current - 0.01 mA max. 0.01 mA max.
Indicator Red LED Red LED Green LED
Cable Ø2.8, 2C, PUR Ø2.8, 3C, PUR Ø2.8, 3C, PUR
Operating Frequency 200Hz 1000Hz 1000Hz
Magnet Requirement (NOTE 2) 70 Gauss 40 Gauss 40 Gauss
Temperature Range -10~70℃(+14~158℉) -10~70℃(+14~158℉) -10~70℃(+14~158℉)
Shock (NOTE 3) 30 G 50 G 50 G
Vibration (NOTE 4) 9 G 9 G 9 G
Enclosure Classification IEC 60529 IP67 (NEMA6) IEC 60529 IP67 (NEMA6) IEC 60529 IP67 (NEMA6)
Protection Circuit (NOTE 5) 1 3,4 3,4


  1. WARNING: Never exceed rating (Watt=Voltage x Amperage). Permanent demage to sensor will occur.
  2. Measuring standard target: ø15.5Xø8X5t (Anisotropy rubber magnet)
  3. Sin wave / X , Y , Z 3 directions / 3 times each direction / 11 ms each time.
  4. Double amplitude 1.5 mm / 10Hz~55Hz~10Hz (Sweep 1 min) / X , Y , Z 3 directions / 1 hour each time.
  5. 1=None / 2=Short-circuit / 3=Power Source Reverse polarity / 4=Surge Suppression


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