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CS-22 - Gear tooth sensor



Type CS-22
Wiring Method 3-Wire Type
Switching Logic Solid State Output, Normally Open
Sensor type NPN Current Sinking
Operating Voltage 3.5~24V DC
Switching Current 25mA max.
Contact Rating (NOTE 1) 0.6W max.
Current Consumption 7 mA@24V DC max.
Voltage Drop 0.6V max.@ 25mA
Leakage current 0.01 mA max.
Indicator --
Cable Ø4.5, 3C, PVC
Response Frequency 50K Hz
Response Distance 2 mm max.
Temperature Range -10~70℃(+14~158℉)
Shock (NOTE 2) 50 G
Vibration (NOTE 3) 9 G
Enclosure Classification IEC 60529 IP67 (NEMA 6)
Protection Circuit (NOTE 4) 2


  1. WARNING: Never exceed rating (Watt=Voltage x Amperage). Permanent demage to sensor will occur.
  2. Sin wave / X , Y , Z 3 directions / 3 times each direction / 11 ms each time.
  3. Double amplitude 1.5 mm / 10Hz~55Hz~10Hz (Sweep 1 min) / X , Y , Z 3 directions / 1 hour each time.
  4. 1=None / 2=Short-circuit / 3=Power Source Reverse polarity / 4=Surge Suppression


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